Purpose of Creative Classes

Traditional classroom settings often involve a teacher who lectures and students who follow the class by taking down notes or listening to what is being taught. The evaluation in such classes often comprises of written or oral test conducted by the teacher. However, a creative class differs from this traditional setting in many ways. Such a class that ignites the inherent trait in human beings is useful not just for students, but also for adults, no matter their age or profession. School going students, teenagers, young adults attending college, people in the early stages of the career, middle level managers, housewives, elderly people, performing artists, and almost anyone can attend such a creative class without second thoughts. A program that is based on creativity training and sparking this quality in human beings exists for varied reasons and has many benefits. Here are a few.

# 1 – Aid out of the box thinking and problem solving

First and foremost, the reason why creativity is so useful is because it fuels out of the box thinking. Though conventional thinking has its own set of benefits, creative thinking proves beneficial on many occasions and in many instances in life. Unique and novel thoughts can come to a person’s aid in such cases such as a simple classroom project in school, a competition, or a problem that you are faced with in life.  A creativity program or workshop helps you learn and practice the creative trait in you, and helps you develop it as a habit, so that you are able to constantly learn and practice resourceful ways of solving problems no matter where they exist.

# 2 – Help individuals get out of their comfort zone

A creative class forces its participants to push boundaries and explore limits like never before. For instance, very few people who enroll in an art class or creative writing program are good at painting or writing prose and poetry. Even if you were good at something, or possess some good skills, it is possible that you haven’t exercised them for a long time, and hence feel extremely uneasy when you take up certain assignments relating to the program. But, through constant practice you get better and feel more empowered to take up new projects and more creative challenges as you move forward.

# 3 – Make way for a break from routine and monotony

Life today is extremely busy for everyone, and it is equally stressful too. The routine and monotony can make life boring and mundane, and drain out the energy and positive thoughts in you. A creativity program is an antidote to this problem. When you attend such a class, you get to break away from the routine and indulge yourself in something new, noel, and unique as compared to what you’ve done earlier in life. This adds to the excitement and makes life more fun and enduring. Creativity is also an effective stress buster. Through non-curtailed expression, creativity helps people cope up with the ever-increasing pressure in life, and opens up a channel to unleash the energy that is bottled up inside, in a fruitful manner.

# 4 – Promote self-awareness and expression

Creativity entails authenticity and uniqueness. For this, a person who takes up a creative class needs to probe deep into himself/ herself to be able to analyze the capabilities and thought processes, and put across these thoughts and ideas into form that can be understood by other people. As a result, creativity helps you plumb the depths of your being, and discover habits, impulses, and desires that drive you. By investing time and energy in developing novel ideas, you learn to respect your inner nature and become better equipped to express yourself to the outer world on a regular basis.

Creative classes, in short, forge new relationships and set new boundaries. They help you get out of your comfort zone, and explore never-before domains through never-before means, and make life more productive and meaningful.

What are the Benefits of Taking an Online Course?

Online education is a pedagogical approach where learning takes place through virtual classrooms. Through the use of computers and the Internet, students can continue with their formal and professional learning uninterrupted.

Here are the top benefits of online education.


One of the biggest benefits of online education is that it offers convenience to students to continue with their formal and professional learning. Students of all age groups can take up online classes as per their convenience.

Many students need to work part-time or full-time while also studying for their college degrees. People who can’t afford to take time off from work can advance their knowledge or gain a degree through online classes. For such people, online education can be a real boon.

You can access your learning materials at any time and complete your modules at your convenience.

Availability of a Variety of Classes and Courses

Through online education, students can study for a variety of courses just as in traditional college classes. You can study for graduate or post graduate degrees. You can study any subject as available in traditional colleges. You can also study for certification courses or any advanced academic degree.

Lower Tuition and Associated Costs

The cost of online classes is lower than what you can expect to pay for the same course in traditional classrooms. All the learning material is available online so students don’t need to buy expensive textbooks. All you need to do is pay for software and equipment required to attend virtual classrooms.

Even the associated costs are lower for online education. These costs can be expenses for public transportation and fuel costs if you use your own vehicle.

Ease of Learning

Students in online classrooms can learn at their own pace. In traditional classrooms, students need to follow a set course of learning and complete targets within a fixed timeframe. In online classrooms, you can even schedule live interactions with your online educator or instructors based on your learning needs. If you need more time to complete your lessons, you can request for the same.

Accessibility of Higher Learning to All

Online education is accessible to all. If you are a professional with crazy work hours, you can still complete professional courses at your own pace through online classes. Professionals can enhance or advance their knowledge in their field or another even while managing their work commitments. For parents, online education is very beneficial as they can earn their formal academic degrees while sitting at home and taking care of their kids.

Even reputable universities offer online classes that is accessible to students from anywhere in the world. You can study for a degree from highly-regarded colleges and universities through online classes.

Online education has been possible through technological advances. It can help people from all walks of life to continue with their academic and professional learning through virtual classes.

eLearning Solutions for Fast Growing Organizations

Companies today can’t ignore continued training and development of their employees. Not all companies can afford instructor-led training classes. But eLearning courses are something that can work for companies of all sizes and business categories.

Types of eLearning Training Solutions for Organizations

There are different types of eLearning solutions organizations can utilize to achieve fast growth.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are valued by management as they can add to the success of a company. Effective verbal and written communication, ability to work in a team, leadership qualities, decisiveness, the ability to think critically, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities are traits that people value in their employees. Such skills can be inherent but you can also enhance or develop them through regular training.

Technical Training

Technical training can include learning about new software to use for various organizational tasks. It can also involve gaining proper knowledge about company’s products. When your employees have a better understanding of your products, they can offer better solutions to increase sales and devise creative marketing strategies. Many companies also use eLearning solutions to provide product usage guide to the end users, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Compliance and Policy Training

Companies need to comply with legal aspects of their business. Even a minor error in such compliances can cause a company monetary losses. It can also be bad for a company’s reputation. Companies use eLearning solutions for compliance training to help new employees grasp the legalities of the business. It can also help existing employees to brush up on their knowledge if required.


Reasons to Use eLearning Training Solutions

There are many reasons for companies to utilize eLearning courses for their fast growth.

  • If you are a fast growing company, you need to utilize cost-effective training methods for your employees. Instructor-led training can be very costly. You can instead use eLearning solutions as a better alternative to traditional training methods. With just one-time cost, companies can impart any type of training to their employees with easy-to-use eLearning solutions.
  • With the help of eLearning solutions, companies can offer need-based training to their employees. When you hire a new employee, you don’t have to wait for other recruits to join to start their joint instructor-led training sessions. Fast growing companies don’t have time to waste. With eLearning courses, new employees can get the requisite training as and when required.
  • For companies with multiple locations, instructor-led training for the same departments can be difficult and expensive. Growing organizations can’t afford to miss out on training their employees also. In such situations, eLearning solutions are very effective. Employees can utilize eLearning training modules as per their own schedules. Many eLearning courses have exercises to track individual knowledge based on the training. You can also utilize such features to ensure that training for employees is optimal.

It is easy to implement eLearning solutions and utilize them for your company’s success.

The Many Roles of a Modern Online Educator

Traditional methods of teaching have evolved over the years. There is now use of modern technology in the classrooms, in both schools and colleges, and teachers have adopted new pedagogical approaches to impart learning to students. Online learning is just another innovative way to teach students who are unable to attend traditional college classes.

Modern online educators have defined roles. Teaching at virtual classrooms can be challenging in many ways as teacher and student interactions are different and limited. Teachers still need to ensure that the students’ learning is not hampered because of the online teaching environment. Online educators are teachers, yes, but there is so much more they do to help students learn.

Here are some roles online educators need to take to facilitate learning in virtual classrooms.

Modern online educators need to be comfortable working with technology. Online learning is not just about using a computer and Internet to interact with students and guide them through various lessons. Online educators need to learn how to upload and edit files, use many tools to interact with students, and handle technical problems during the lessons.

Modern online educators need to design and shape courses to meet the learning objectives. Online teachers need to modify learning modules in a way that is interesting for students and also easy to follow. They need to continually find innovative ways to teach through projects and tests just as in traditional classrooms.

Modern online educators need to play the role of mentors. In virtual learning environments, it is as important to check if the students are learning and benefiting from the instructions just as in traditional classrooms. Online teachers need to coach students through the major learning points for each lesson and guide them through the chapters or modules. Online educators need to interact with each student personally to understand their learning needs and then coach them to absorb the lessons in the best way possible.

Modern online educators need to continually enhance their learning as well. Educators with any pedagogical approach need to be lifelong learners. They need to be up-to-date with newer technologies available for online teaching and familiarize themselves with them. They need to continually come up with creative ways to keep lessons interesting and help students get the most out the virtual learning environment.

Modern online educators still need to be teachers. It can be easy to just act as instructors or facilitators for online courses. But online educators are first and foremost teachers even when they are often referred to as instructors. They need to ensure that students are present during all the lessons and if not then to find out why and tackle the issue. They need to identify students who are lagging behind in lessons and to find the reasons for the same. They need to really take an active role as teachers.

It can be very challenging yet satisfying to be a modern online educator.

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