Workshops for Writers – Do You Need Them?

Creative writing classes can definitely be very helpful for aspiring and established writers. But such creative workshops can also be helpful for students and people from other career fields.

Here are some ways a creative writing class is for everyone.

For aspiring writers –

For aspiring writers and those just starting their […] Continue Reading…

Purpose of Creative Classes

Traditional classroom settings often involve a teacher who lectures and students who follow the class by taking down notes or listening to what is being taught. The evaluation in such classes often comprises of written or oral test conducted by the teacher. However, a creative class differs from this […] Continue Reading…

What are the Benefits of Taking an Online Course?

Online education is a pedagogical approach where learning takes place through virtual classrooms. Through the use of computers and the Internet, students can continue with their formal and professional learning uninterrupted.

Here are the top benefits of online education.


One of the biggest benefits of online education is that it […] Continue Reading…

eLearning Solutions for Fast Growing Organizations

Companies today can’t ignore continued training and development of their employees. Not all companies can afford instructor-led training classes. But eLearning courses are something that can work for companies of all sizes and business categories.

Types of eLearning Training Solutions for Organizations

There are different types of eLearning solutions organizations can […] Continue Reading…

The Many Roles of a Modern Online Educator

Traditional methods of teaching have evolved over the years. There is now use of modern technology in the classrooms, in both schools and colleges, and teachers have adopted new pedagogical approaches to impart learning to students. Online learning is just another innovative way to teach students who are unable […] Continue Reading…